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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on Monday, 9th January2017 in the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Apologies:     There were no apologies for absence.

Present:          Jeff Smith (Chair); Simon Ashwood, Philip Morrey, Joy Whibberley, Jacqui Latham, TK Al Jorani, Dave Clarke, Richard Simm, Gavin Ritson, John Meredith and Geoff Hughes.

Cheshire West & Chester PSCO attended the meeting and reported that 6 or 7 burglaries had been committed in Rowton over the Christmas period.  The culprit has now been apprehended.  She reported that she and PC Boulton would keep an eye on the Village Hall.  Discussion also took place on the “green hut” and its possible relocation; youth problems that are currently occurring and wider involvement with the youth of the Village in general. 

Councillor Stuart Parker also attended the meeting.  He advised that CW & C Council would be setting the Budget next month and he may possibly then find out if there would be a Members’ Budget available to individual Councillors.  Stuart advised that he had approximately £400 available that we could apply for towards the costs of defibrillators.  Storyhouse tours can be arranged via Graham Lister.

119/16 Minutes of December meeting, having been circulated were agreed as a correct record apart from the fact that Gavin Ritson did attend the meeting albeit later.

120/16 Matters arisingNothing further heard yet regarding issues concerning the heavy goods vehicles on the A41.

121/16 Parish Concerns:

1.     Letter received from Mrs Cummins regarding the state of the verges on Guy Lane – her concerns to be passed to Cheshire West & Chester Council (Kay Parry).

2.     TK raised the issue of a possible Youth Council or Youth Worker.  Unfortunately Cheshire West & Chester Council does not supply youth workers.  Other items raised were ownership of the “green hut”, engagement with the youth, youth issues highlighted in any Neighbourhood Plan.  TK will take matters forward and report back to the Parish Council.

122/16 Correspondence

·        Invitation to Buckingham Palace Garden Party on 23rd May 2017.

123/16 Planning applications/decisions

16/05569/FUL – single storey extension to rear of 5 Church Steadings – NO OBSERVATIONS

124/16 Accounts:

P J Castle (canal bank weeding, etc)                                          £100.00

Andrew Parry (Notice Boards)                                                     £300.00

S Cummins (amenity cleaning)                                                    £259.20

Invoice for £100 from Payback to be submitted to the Parish Council

125/16 Annual Precept:  Following the Budget Meeting prior to the Council meeting it was proposed by Philip Morrey that the 2017/18 Precept should be £30,000 (£29,493.00 after taking into account Reduction Scheme Grant).  This was seconded by Simon Ashwood.  All Councillors were in favour of this resolution.


126/16 Amenity cleaning:     Nothing to report.  It was felt that a good job was being performed by our Amenity Cleaner.

127/16 “Wavertonian” and website

·        Gavin had submitted details outlining Objectives, Site Map and Considerations re the website. These were considered to be acceptable and he will take the matter forward.  He will also liaise with Mr Sugarman.

·        Next “Wavertonian” will be available in March. 

·        “Wavertonian” delivery plan to be discussed at February meeting.

128/16 Neighbourhood Plan:  Meeting to be held with Grosvenor Estate on 12th January and further details will be available thereafter.


129/16 Play area

1.     It was agreed that “No Dogs” sign needs to be put on the gate.  Joy will speak to Phil and source suitable sign.

2.     As soon as the WREN money is available the Horticon account will be paid.

3.     Dave advised that regretfully Peter Herbelet had been made redundant by Groundworks.  It was presumed that Emily Wilkiinson would take over his role.

130/16 Footpaths:  Nothing to report.

131/16 Road Safety:  Nothing further report at present.

132/16 Playing Field:  

·        John reported that the Notice Boards are now up.

·        Soil on the car park is available for anyone to take away.

·        Fastrack quote will be available shortly.

133/16 Village Hall:  

·        John reported that a new and updated CCTV system would cost in the region of £5,000.

·        The Council agreed to pay £2,255 towards the cost of Asbestos Report (£500) which had been satisfactory; Electrical Report (£500); and Survey (£1255).

134/16 Any other business

·        Simon suggested the possibility of a further Liaison Morning

·        A suggestion of poppy leaves on lamp post suggested.  These could presumably obtained via The British Legion. To be discussed further at September meeting.

·        Dave expressed thanks to those who took down the Christmas lights.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.